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Michaela Prinz

TEC TALENTS AWARD 2022 – These are our winners

For the 7th time this year, we presented the Tec Talents Award to HTL graduates.

We are always enthusiastic about the great ideas that are implemented as part of the diploma theses and are very happy for this year’s winners.

The Team of STADLMANN TEC congratulates and thanks all participants – you all submitted great diploma theses!


1st  place – Washing plant for insect breeding boxes

Paul Raggam, Elmar Großschädl

HTL Kaindorf, Automation


2nd place – Rehab Glove

Melinda Undesser

Linzer Technikum (LiTEC), systems engineering, software development


Platz 3 – E-Rickshaw

Bögl Lukas, Lehner Tobias, Luger Moritz, Stiftinger Janik

Linzer Technikum (LiTEC), mechatronics 

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